Chic Romance: Feel Connected to Your Husband

This post was written by nina on May 9, 2011
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A very important part of being a chic mom is feeling connected to your husband.  A supportive husband is essential because often they’re the ones who give us the time and support to be chic.  They’re the ones who watch the kids while we work out, get our hair done, or have a night out.  Feeling connected to them on all levels –mentally, emotionally, and physically — is vital to a feeling of well-being.

Here are some tips that I included in The Chic Mom’s Guide to Feeling Fabulous ( on connecting with your husband:

Before your husband comes home, fix your hair and put some lip gloss on.  I know this sounds like it’s out of the 1950s but most women would fix themselves up when dating their husbands, so why stop now?  Doing this can show that you’re still sexy and that you find your husband sexy, too.  I will go one step further and suggest having his favorite beverage waiting for him (and one for you too, of course).

Next, you need to find private time for you and your husband.  Schedule a date night at least once a week.  Hire a babysitter on a weeknight, such as Tuesday or Wednesday.  Going out together on an “off” night can help you two connect.  Often weekends are spent with friends and family, so an “off” night can be for spending time with just your spouse.  Keep one night just for the two ofo you because being able to truly connect with your partner one-on-one during your chaotic lives is important.

You can also vacation alone with your husband — even if it’s a one-night getaway.  You need to be with him uninterrupted and in a relaxed state.  Getting away does not have to be expensive or time-consuming; you can even go to the hotel down the street. 

There is also a way to have private time at home.  No matter how tired you are or how cranky, it’s important to keep the sparks alive in your relationship.  Plus, the afterglow from sex does wonders for your skin and attitude!  For this, you can keep an arsenal ready: wine, sexy lingerie, mani/pedi/bikini-waxed body, and a great attitude!

Finally, remember that your husband also needs to “feel chic.” It’s important that you give him the time to work out, take care of himself, and enjoy his hobbies after a long day of work.  If you both work, then try alternating days of having “me” time — one night he watches the kids while you work out or decompress from work, and vice versa.  You can also find someone to help you with the kids while both of you take a walk and transition from work to family time.  Even if it is just a half-hour, it will help you two to connect and be refreshed for the family.

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